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You might be here because… 

Green Tick You’re in pain
Green Tick Your back and neck are super stiff when you go to sleep or after waking up
Green Tick Heat packs and anti-inflams are getting you through the work week
Green Tick You’ve stopped sport and friend activities because pain is holding you back 
Green Tick You aren’t able to keep up with your kids (or fur babies) and that really sucks for everyone

Or maybe another health professional has told you…

Green Tick You’re never going to play sport again
Green Tick Your favourite activity is becoming just a fond memory
Green Tick You’ll always have problems with your mobility or posture
Green Tick You’ll probably need manual therapy or adjustments for the rest of your life

We’re here to tell you that none of this is your fault.
The system has let you down.

Adjustments ongoing are NOT the answer…
Carefully selected movement tailored to your specific needs is.
We want to show you that it’s POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE ALL OF YOUR GOALS
– even if other health professionals have told you “no”.

Your body doesn’t have to feel like a jail cell.

So how is what we do at TPC different?

Firstly, we recognise that you need support!

So, hat are the key components of an initial osteopathic consultation?

Game planning
The clear pathway forwards that you deserve. You’ll leave your initial consultation with a clear understanding of what is causing your pain, how long it will take to improve, and exactly what to do moving forwards.

We view the body as a whole. Everything is related. A comprehensive movement screen is undertaken to address the root of your issues.

Hands-on treatment
The “hands-on” osteopathic techniques that you know and love:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Dry needling
  • Cupping 
  • Adjustments

Exercise rehabilitation

Hitting the gym can be scary, especially in those early days. Our team provides either at home (or in centre) rehab options that you can easily follow using our exercise prescription software “PhysiApp” – which enables you to view your exercises and track your progress from an app on your phone!

Client check-ins between sessions

We know that you’re likely going to have questions about your progress, so we make sure we touch base in between sessions to maximize your time when we’re not with you.

We’re proud to have a reputation for going above and beyond for our clients. We value each of them individually

We work WITH you. 

At The Performance Centre, we work together with you to create a game plan for overcoming pain. We believe that everyone deserves to feel fit and healthy, and to participate in their favorite activities with the people that they love.

We listen, and we REALLY care. 

We know what it’s like to feel like your practitioner isn’t really hearing you. There’s nothing worse than telling someone you’re in pain and afterwards questioning if they even cared! We allow a full hour for our initial consultations, and offer extended (45 minute) appointments so that there’s enough time to chat and you’re not being rushed out the door.

We provide a TRUE end to end service.

We’re different from other allied health clinics in that our team of allied health professionals work closely with movement coaches to get you all the way from injury, back to your baseline, and far beyond. Our team prioritizes communication and collaboration, to provide you with next level service that you’ll want to rave about to all of your friends.

We provide all our clients with a FREE gym membership.

Sure, we believe in using hands on manual therapy to help with pain – particularly in the early days! But we know that to make sustainable progress, what we really need to do is help you build strength and MOVE YOUR BODY. 

If you’re ready to see what the hype is all about, click the I’M READY button to book an initial consult now.

Still not sure if osteopathy is right for you? 

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