Matthew Sostaric

Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (2020) at Deakin University
Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology (2022) at Deakin University

Matt’s burning passion for anything exercise-related stems from a lifelong history of competitive middle to long-distance running.

He aims to empower his patients with the skills they need to manage their treatment independently through collaborative and tailored exercise therapy, helping them return to the activities they love as quickly as possible, free of pain.

With extensive expertise in cardiometabolic diseases/conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, Matt is your first point of call for prevention, management, and rehabilitation; the ultimate goal of lifelong improvement! Unsurprisingly, Matt is driven by a natural passion for aiding runners in overcoming injury-related obstacles, including tendinopathy/tendinitis, strains, sprains, overtraining, and bone stress. His dedication extends to assisting all sidelined athletes and those striving to maintain peak fitness and strength.

If you’re currently struggling with an arthritic hip or knee, Matt is the next step for longevity through his direction of the GLA:D Australia program at The Performance Centre.