Allie Brown


Bachelor of Health Science
Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) from RMIT Cert IV in Fitness

If you want to move well and feel amazing doing the things you love, Allie is your girl! Allie was drawn to the holistic, whole-person approach that is a fundamental part of osteopathy. From growing up as a dancer, to beginning her career in the fitness industry at 19, Allie has always been passionate about movement and its mental and physical benefits. Allie combines her extensive experience in the fitness industry with her osteopathic skills to achieve the best outcomes for her clients. Allie works with powerlifters, bodybuilders, gym & Pilates lovers, yogis, and anyone who loves to move their body. No matter where you are in your movement journey, Allie is here to help you perform at your best. Catch Allie in the centre: Wednesday afternoons Friday mornings